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What is Tantra?

Tantra is such a vast subject that it’s fascinating and awe-inspiring. It includes so much that it can be very confusing to the beginning student. Tantra is an art, a science, a way of life that is honest and courageous. It includes and faces squarely our sexual energy, this awesome force that some religions fear and want to suppress. It can be used to help us reach our highest potential of pleasure, and union with the divine.

To achieve this, Tantra offers a wide array of exercises using breathing, sounds, certain muscles, and the energy centers of the body. This clears blocks interfering with the movement of energy, and guides us into altered states of consciousness. There we transcend our everyday self-identification, and we get a glimpse of our true larger reality. This includes the body, and goes beyond it to include “all that is.” It’s a state of great expansion and orgasmic pleasure that surpasses by far the short-lived ejaculatory orgasm that many are accustomed to.

Is Tantra a religion?

No, Tantra is not a religion. Tantra does not require anyone to follow any dogmas. Rather, it encourages us to discover through our own experience our true creative potential for pleasure, and our ability to connect with all the elements that surround us, and the spirit that we all share. Many people find that they can incorporate the teaching of Tantra with their own religious beliefs.

Pytanie o tantrę

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